APLIC – 王玉環 Wang Yu Huan Agassi
Senior Regional Director of an Insurance Company

Wang Yu Huan Agassi has engaged in the insurance industry for 25 years and is seen as an outstanding leader and icon in the industry. She has been the “Top Advisor of the Year” in her Company since 2010. Agassi’s unrivalled competence made her qualified for the MDRT’s TOT 7 times and COT 4 times, and further became the MDRT Honor Roll Member. Agassi is now leading a team of nearly 300 top producers. As a strong believer in helping the team members to build their own success, Agassi is willing to share her knowledge and experience. Agassi is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM) and she is keen to participate in various charity and public services.

TopicStrive for excellence!

When purchasing insurance products, people always look for “the best insurance intermediate”. Therefore, it is particularly important to build your own brand. In the presentation, Wang Yu Huan Agassi will refer to her own experience and share how to impress the prospective clients by different aspects, like the usage of social media, attitude of get along with people and deal with matters, and the ways to show personal charm. As a team leader, Agassi will also demonstrate how to set a good example and build team culture.
“To improve the quality of the team, build the combatant spirit and change your life!” Agassi hopes that the participants can be inspired by her speech. She also hopes the audience can get some insights on building an outstanding.