APLIC Carl Lewis
Former Athlete,  Honour “Athlete of the Century”, Founder of The Carl Lewis Foundation

Carl Lewis won 9 Olympic gold medals and attended 4 Olympic Games during his athletic career. He earned international respect and a place in history as one of the greatest athletes of all time, including the title of “Athlete of the Century”.

As an activist for family, youth, education, wellness and fitness, Carl raises public awareness for the challenges and opportunities surrounding these issues around the world. Since his retirement in 1997, Carl has devoted a great deal of his time and energy to charity, founding “The Carl Lewis Foundation,” which serves as an umbrella for many charities

Topic: Game Of Impossible

Olympic targets are goals and futures which are seemly impossible to achieve. Through the topic “Game of Impossible”, Carl Lewis will share that it is possible to win the Game of Impossible through think-out-of-the-box solutions, in both personal and contextual spheres. He will also talk about how such success can be achieved through unwavering focus and commitment to hard work in order to overcome the odds and develop a champion mindset.