Emmanuel Paras
President of the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (2016)

Emmanuel Paras has worked in the insurance industry for 18 years, during which he served as President of the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines in 2016. He is a former Assistant Vice President for Sales of Philam Life (AIA) and he moved to the agency force in December 2012 and get promoted to agency manager within a year, which makes him become the fastest to reach the agency manager position in the company.

As an outstanding leader, Emmanuel Paras’s mission is to help his advisors utilize their maximum potential in the financial planning business. He now leads more than 100 financial advisors, who are mostly millennial. In 2017, his agency production grew by 174%, and produced 2 TOT Members.

Topic: Millennial Leadership
The Millennial generation has some characteristics which are different from that of other generations, that makes them often being misunderstood. Thus, it is important to understand them first for having a winning business relationship with them. Emmanuel Paras will invite his millennial team members to talk about their key qualities and success stories. He will also cover the following 4 points in the workshop:

  1. Critical data and personality traits of millennial generation
  2. How to attract and manage millennial generation
  3. How to create a winning culture for millennial team
  4. Key for leaders in managing millennial team