APLIC – 簡綸廷  Chien Lun Ting Eric
2018 FISM國際魔術大賽近景總冠軍, 2018 FISM World Championships of Magic Close up Grand Prix Winner

Chien Lun Ting Eric was born in Taiwan and grew up in Hawaii; while studied in Shanghai and lived in Vancouver. His growing experience makes him eager to break through traditional mindsets as well as shapes his unique horizons. Eric impressed the magicians around the world with his innate magical sense and incredible performances. He debuted his original magic DVD《COIN》at the age of 23. The second magic DVD《VCM》was released when he was 25, and the powerful visual effects gained the attention of magicians worldwide again. In the same year, he won the 2018 FISM World Championships of Magic Close up Grand Prix and was the first Asian magician who claimed the honour.

Topic: The Magic that Makes Dreams Come True
Magic makes Chien Lun Ting Eric believes in “Nothing is impossible” and helps him to think outside the box in different life situations. During his speech, Eric will share his personal story of pursuing dreams and dealing with obstacles. He hopes to encourage the audience, who have dreams and wants to achieve the goals of life, to take action and go for their own dreams. Taking the first step is always the hardest, so Eric is going to share the tips of taking the first step and how to keep up the momentum. He will also perform magic during the speech and show everyone how magic can “make dreams come true”.