James H.C. LIU
Chairman, PHEW Inc.  PruWell Investment Limited
President, Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Taiwan(IFPA)



  • It’s a special record in the insurance industry to obtain the qualification of the U.S. actuary only in five years.
  • As 35-year-old General Manager of TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc., successfully leading the company and staff to set up new milestones
  • During the period 1998 to 2001, James Liu led TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc. successively merged the business of AFLAC, Transamerica and AXA and took over all their inforce policies and operations in Taiwan. In 2013, TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc. acquired all in-force business of Kuo Hua Life, demonstrating a high level of commitment to life insurance. In 2015, as Taiwan’s top seven life insurance company, its total number of applicants were more than three million, employees were up to 4,500 people, and the total assets were more than 800 billion Taiwan dollars.