APLIC – Jennifer Borislow – Past President of the MDRT,  First woman to preside over the Top of the Table, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Borislow Insurance

Jennifer Borislow is a 31 year MDRT member with 21 years of Top of the Table membership. She is the first women President of Top of the Table in 2005 and in 2012 she was President of the MDRT. She is passionate about the MDRT Foundation and has achieved Excalibur Knight Status. Jennifer is a highly recognized speaker in the insurance industry. She frequently speaks at the MDRT and TOT Annual Meetings and has been a guest speaker at numerous industry meetings around the world.

Topic: Meet, Exceed, Wow! Creating the Wow experience

Creating positive and memorable experiences lead to client loyalty and that is why, Jennifer Borislow chose “Meet, Exceed, Wow! Creating the ‘Wow’ experience” as topic of her speech. She will share the importance of setting appropriate client expectations, exceeding them wherever possible and creating the “wow” experience. She will cite specific examples helping the audience to master the skills of developing and fostering great relationships. The audience will learn how to create experiences that make clients feel special and important.