APLIC- 孫永祚 Sun Yung Tsu Joe
Bestowed the Guinness Record of “World’s Longest Career as a Corporate Salesperson” | Ranked the Top Ten Divisional Leader 15 times | Earned the Superstar Status 5 times

Sun Yung Tsu Joe was born in Shanghai and he has started to join the Hong Kong insurance industry since 1954. As of today, he has been serving the industry for almost 64 years’ time. With a blend of professionalism and passion, Joe has become one of the most successful insurance agents in his Company and he was bestowed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD titled “the longest career as a corporate salesperson” in 2017.

Topic : “Insurance Hero” – Passion
Sun Yung Tsu Joe, aged 93, has served the insurance industry for nearly 64 years. Joe will share the reason that motivates him to contribute to the insurance industry through his speech titled “Insurance Hero” – Passion. He will also elaborate the reason that drove him to join the insurance industry and how to become a successful agent. In addition, he will give encouragement and share about his life philosophy with the young practitioners.