APLIC- 李炫華  Lee Sheng Wah
Founder of Exceptional Performance Consulting | Top 50 Most Influential Speakers in China in 2002 | Top 10 Outstanding Business Managers of an American Publishing Company

Lee Sheng Wah is an outstanding mentor in personal coaching and exceptional performance consulting. With 21 years’ experience in international training and corporate governance, Sheng Lee was invited to deliver speeches across various countries and regions like USA, China, Hong Kong, South Africa and India, etc. Besides, he was also invited by the School of Continuing Education of Tsinghua University to speak for over a hundred of Chinese Officials and Entrepreneurs. Now, he has become a renowned personal coach, business consultant and convention speaker, and gives talks in various international platforms.

Topic: The Secret of Deal Master
An effective communication is essential to every insurance practitioner. Lee Sheng Wah will share the secret of Deal Master and will show how to facilitate the communication with client by different language structures and body languages, and make a deal!
Meanwhile, Lee Sheng Wah will share his observation about the insurance industry in recent years and point out what is appropriate wording and directional communications through the stories of other insurance practitioners. He hopes the presentation can assist the audiences to know more about the secret of Deal Master, and elaborate how the communication skill set lead the audiences to success.

Topic:The Power of Thinking
The mode of thinking can change your life! Through the topic “The Power of Thinking”, Lee Sheng Wah will lead the audience to explore their past habitual thinking and open up more thinking patterns in different dimensions. In addition, he will help the audience to improve their own performance in the ever-changing world through multi-dimensional thinking. Through a “playing” style of presentation, he hopes all the audiences can have a reflection after his sharing.