APLIC –林佳政 Lin Jia Zheng Jonny
MDRT Zone Chair (China)

Lin Jia Zheng Jonny started to join the insurance industry in 1999. He is dedicated in market development and brand building that brings him excellent performance. Jonny has received many titles of sales champion in the insurance industry for years, including the only MDRT’s TOT member and recipient of International Quality Award (IQA) in Hainan. As a leading figure in the financial insurance industry in China, Jonny is now a trainer and coach of many outstanding companies.

The Most Authentic Side Is In My Heart
Lin Jia Zheng Jonny is passionate about insurance industry and talented in using different marketing skills. During his speech, Jonny will introduce how to blend the traditional Chinese culture in the life insurance selling processes. Jonny hopes that the participants can experience the charm of humanized marketing of life insurance through the learning of traditional Chinese culture.