Marc Bineham
National President of Association of Financial AdvisersAFA

Marc Bineham has worked in the financial service industry for more than 30 years. His company provides various services to clients, including retirement wealth planning, financial management and protection strategies across Australia, Asia and Persian Gulf Region.
Marc has won a number of industry awards and recognitions, including MDRT membership with 5 TOT honours. Currently, he is serving as the National President of Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and actively promoting the value of financial advice to Australian consumers and different industries.

Topic: The Power of Advocacy – How to make your clients love you!
Marc Bineham believes that it is important to explain your value proposition, e.g. how will you make a better life for your clients, and what you can do for them. He will show how you can differ from all other advisers, to stand out from the crowd, and be the best you can be. He will also explain the following 3 points, which is about building relationships and great customer service:
(1) How to turn your clients into advocates so that they love you and become your best referral sources
(2) How to build long term relationships with your clients
(3) Top 7 Habits of successful advisers for over 100 years