APLIC – Muniba Mazari
Pakistan’s first Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan | BBC’s top 100 women (2015) | Honour the Forbes 30 under 30 in Media and Marketing Category (2016)


In 2008, Muniba Mazari had a car accident in which she sustained multiple injuries including spinal cord which left her paraplegic. Although wheel chair bound, her spirit and artistry knows no bounds. In fact, she overcomes the agony of spinal cord injury and determines to express her sentiments through her artwork. Beside the identity of an artist, she is Pakistan’s first Goodwill Ambassador for UNWomen Pakistan. Also, she is one of the Forbes 30 under 30 for 2016 in Media and Marketing Category and one of the BBC’s top 100 women for 2015.


Topic: Why failure is an option
With the motto of “Spread the message of hope and resilience”, Muniba Mazari will deliver her topic “Why failure is an option” in APLIC. Her sharing is about the story of resilience, courage, tears and determination. It is assured that she will give the audience an insight on how to fight your fears; follow your dream and how to convert your adversity into an opportunity. Her sharing will also include how to stay away from fear of failure and giving up when you are heading to your dream and keep striving for excellence! She hopes audiences will believe in themselves and motivate them to never lose hope.