Muniba Mazari

In 2007, Muniba met a car accident in which she sustained multiple injuries including spinal cord which left her paraplegic.

Although wheel chair bound, her spirit and artistry knows no bounds. In fact, she takes the agony of spinal cord injury as a challenge and is more determined to express her sentiments through her artwork.

While doing her bachelor in fine arts she met a road accident that made her paraplegic. Currently, she is running her brand by the name “Muniba’s Canvas” with the slogan “Let Your Walls Wear Colors”. She is a mix media artist. Some of her work is purely abstract which depicts the humans’ expressions, their thoughts and dreams. Her paintings give the message of living life and represent the real personality of the artist.

Besides being an artist she is also a motivational speaker and an activist. She has given motivational talks on various platforms like TEDx, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Youth Entrepreneur Organization (YEO), Global Leadership Conference (GLC) 2016, VCon Malaysia – 2017, VCon UAE – 2017, Leadership Summit Pakistan, etc. She is Pakistan’s first Goodwill Ambassador to UNWomen Pakistan. She is one of the Forbes 30 under 30 for 2016 in Media and Marketing Category and one of the BBC’s top 100 women for 2015. She is also a Television Host.

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