Ms. Natthamon Chotthamrongsin

Nomination for “Insurance Agent of the Year”

Natthamon Chotthamrongsin, an enthusiastic agent and passionate about customer service who love to challenge herself to make record-breaking, consequently, she won AIA Thailand’s “Top Agent of the Year” for 2 consecutive year in 2016 – 2017 produced an outperformed FYC of THB 29.48 millions (FYP of THB 165 millions) or 82% growth with persistency rate of 99.96% in 2017 and THB 16.15 million FYC or grew 315% in 2016.
In 2016, 2017 and 2018, she was selected as President of Annual Convention which means she was AIA Thailand’s top of the top agents and also won “National Agent Awards 2016 & 2017”, a national-level award given to the highest FYP producer meaning she was Thailand’s highest FYP producer among more than 300,000 agents in Thailand.
During her 9-year of services, she has never missed MDRT qualifications even though the first year of service, her excellent performance in 2015-2017 resulting her to achieve “Top of the Table” qualification. Specially, the last year’s MDRT convention in Orlando, USA, Natthamon who contributed 48 times of MDRT base requirement was selected as an honorary speaker to inspire MDRT members in the topic of “Excellent Service Leads to an Infinite Market” that she gained an overwhelming positive feedback from audiences.
Her keys to success are “commit to develop continuously to be the best customer choices” and “available for all customers and prospects and serve their needs in all aspects not only the insurance policy recommendation, but also financial planning and wealth management.” She always offers her customers heartfelt services that far beyond expectation with no expect benefits return.
She also focuses on social contribution; not only knowledge sharing, scholarship for underprivileged children and religious merit making, but also created “Krua Khun Pai (Natthamon’s kitchen or, Pai’ Kitchen)” CSR project to provide healthy fresh food and ready meal for handicapped people and the poor, and needy animals every month.
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