APLIC – Robert Young
Founder and 1st Congress Chairman of the Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress (APLIC)


Robert Young rebounded from adversity and finally succeeded. He is undoubtedly an outstanding figure in the insurance industry. As the Founder and Chairman of the 1st Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress (APLIC), he brought inspiration and far-reaching impact to many insurance professionals with his enthusiasm and hard work. Often invited to give speeches, he has spoken in more than 300 recruitment seminars, which have motivated thousands to join the insurance industry. He was also a repeated qualifier for the MDRT membership when he was an agent, and as an Agency Leader, won numerous company awards. Robert believes that while striving for success, he should also give a helping hand to others. It is this belief that spurs him to share his experience and knowledge with industry fellows.


Topic: Selling without Getting Objections

This is a common scenario: You have interviews that do not result in sales. The topic chosen by Robert Young is “Selling without Getting Objections” as he believes that selling skills can be learnt, especially for those who constantly receive objections, rejections, or have a low closing ratio. Robert will help participants to understand the meaning of selling and the mind of the buyer. By combining this knowledge, participants will learn how to conduct an effective interview that will result in a sale.

Participants will gain the following information from Robert’s sharing:

  • What to say and talk about in the interview
  • How to present life insurance in a simple and effective manner
  • How tohelp the prospect convince himself