Dr. Sanjay Tolani 
MDRT Youngest Life Member | MDRT Youngest Member | World Renowned Speaker in the financial services profession

Dr. Sanjay Tolani from Dubai possesses extensive experience in the insurance industry. He became the youngest MDRT Member at aged 19 and later crowned “The Youngest MDRT Life Member” at 28. Besides, he attained the MDRT’s TOT membership for 13 times. Dr. Sanjay Tolani is currently the CEO of a consulting and insurance company with businesses across 7 countries. He is also a world renowned speaker in the insurance arena and has spoken in industry conferences and universities in Dubai, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada to share his professional experience.

Platform Topic The 21ST Century Sales Process (Workshop)
Dr. Sanjay Tolani will deliver the topic “The 21ST Century Sales Process” in his speech. He will elaborate how the sales process changes in the 21ST Century and share the skill set of selling with higher efficiency. Through this topic, Dr. Sanjay Tolani hopes the practitioners can master the advanced selling skills to save time, and finally become professional financial advisors.