Chan Wai Ieng Shirley
MDRT Life Member


Personal profile

Chan Wai Ieng Shirley engaged in the insurance industry for 22 years. She sets high standard on herself and makes constant breakthroughs. These features pave the way for her brilliant achievements today. Shirley is a MDRT Life member and double MDRT for 4 years. She qualified for the MDRT’s TOT and COT membership for 12 and 6 consecutive years respectively. Her exceptional performance makes her an outstanding talent and leader in the insurance industry.


Topic: The Secrets to Achieve and Retain TOT

Chan Wai Ieng Shirley will focus on sharing the intrinsic qualities of insurance practitioners, covering the areas of professional conduct, ethical standard and mindset in learning in her speech session. She will also share the reflection on work from her entry into the insurance industry to present, and the perseverance throughout the processes. Shirley hopes that the participants can have some insights and better career development with her sharing.