APLIC – 徐耀權  Shee Yew Kuen Stuart   MDRT Life Member | Senior Director, Financial Services


Shee Yew Kuen Stuart joined the insurance business in 1996. After 5 years of successful sales career, he ventured into agency management and founded an agency dedicated to empowering lives. Currently, there are about 20% of his Planners are members of the MDRT and more than 60% are past and present recipients of company’s awards. Stuart holds the company’s proud record for being the Top Manager in Regular Premiums for 4 consecutive years and a back-to-back Top Overall Manager in Sales.

Since 2010, his appointment to his current rank as Executive Director(now renamed as Senior Director)of Financial Services, speaks well of his accomplishments in agency management and leadership role.


TOPIC: A Social Miracle…Life Insurance.
As a highly regarded speaker, Stuart has spoken internationally on various platform and Agency Leadership platforms, included MDRT Annual Meeting in 2015 and 2016, and World Critical Illness Congress in 2005 and 2006 etc. In his speech, he will share the topic “A Social Miracle…Life Insurance”, and the content will break into 3 parts:

  • How I accompanied a young client who passed away due to breast cancer in her last journey?
  • What is the meaning of Life Insurance?
  • My personal encounter with Critical Illnesses.

As a story teller, all three parts will be presented in a story telling form by Stuart. He hope the audience and their clients and family could be protected against catastrophes which might smash their families and businesses, such as death, old age, critical Illnesses and disability.