APLIC-陳嘉虎 Tan Kar Hor  Founder & Chief Coach of Life Connection Training Consultancy | IRDC President | Chairman of Chinese Insurance Agency 500 (CIA500)


Tan Kar Hor possesses more than 33 years of Business Development and training experience in the insurance industry. He has held the position of CEO in a number of markets in Asia and has successfully led many insurance Units to be the leading corporation in the local markets. Currently he is conducting a number of major transformation programs for insurance companies & Agencies in places like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Over the years, he has directly coached more than 4000 agencies and has achieved great success. Besides, he is also a professional speaker that has spoken in more than 10 countries and was one of the very first Chinese that was invited by GAMA to speak in USA.


Topic: How to Build a World-class Agent

Become a world-class agent is always the ultimate goal of frontline practitioners. Tan Kar Hor will share the topic: “How to Build a World-class Agent” and elaborate the necessary features and characteristics that a successful world-class agent possesses. He will also share the skills and experience gained from his insurance career and hopes the participants will be able to apply the skills at work after his sharing.