Mr. Tan Kar Hor is now the founder of Life Connection Training Consultancy and also the Chief Coach to LeiSun Insurance Broker Group- one of the biggest Insurance Broker in Taiwan. Prior to this he was  the first Dean of AIA Group Leadership Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated from University of Kebangsaan Malaysia with First class Honors Majoring in Finance & Marketing. He holds Fellow of Life Management Institute (FLMI), CFP and RFP. He has 33 years in Life Insurance business. He became the youngest CAO of an International  Insurance Company leading a team of more than 7000+ agents at age 35.  In year 2006, he was the CEO & Director of Prudential Malaysia, Director of Prudential Takaful, Director of Prudential Unit Trust & General Insurance. He was also the Secretary General of Financial Council then under Central Bank Of Malaysia . Subsequently, he was appointed as the CEO & Director of Citic Prudential China in year 2008. He then joined AIA Group as Regional Senior Vice President and Senior Adviser to AIA China in year 2010 and became CEO of AIA Taiwan in year 2012.


Passionate in people development, he has been on average conducting more than 100 sessions of training every year  for the last 30 years in more than 20 countries. He has been the key note and platform speakers for many international and global conferences and seminars and has successfully transformed a number of business units across the region. He actively involved in front line even as CEO and always conduct joint field works with Agents and Leaders. Over the years, he has personally conducted many Business Opportunity Presentation in many countries that has successfully brought in more than 10,000 agents into the Life Insurance Business. In 2011, through a series of Seminar selling personally conducted by him, he has directly brought in more than RMB100 million of First year premium. The two most successful sessions was the one in Guang Zhou, in a session that attended by 1100 invited guests, he managed to close 823 cases on the spot and also another session in Beijing attended by around 200 guests and collected a total of RMB 12.5M FYP on the spot. Over the years, he has personally coached more than 3000 agencies that produced superb results.


Happily  Married with 3 children – Eldest Son graduated with PHd in Aero Space Engineering, Daughter currently pursuing  PHd in Environmental Science in University of Singapore and youngest son doing under graduate in Washington University in Human Resource. His hobby is long distant walking and was the first foreigner that completed Taiwan Round Island Walking of 1100Km in 2014.


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