APLICTony Gordon  
Past President of MDRT | Chairman of MDRT’s TOT | Past President of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association


Tony Gordon, a 50-year life insurance veteran, who has been an MDRT member for 42 years and a TOT member for 41 years. He was featured as one of the 12 outstanding life insurance sales people to publish the book commissioned by MDRT entitled “The Greatest Insurance Stories Ever Told”, which share the key of success in sales. In 2001, he became the first President of MDRT from outside North America. Also, he served both as the Chairman of MDRT’s Top of the Table and as the President of the UK’s insurance agents association. He is the author of the best-selling book “It Can Only Get Better”.


Topic: Simple Makes Great

What we have to do to succeed is simple, uncomplicated, but not easy. Tony Gordon will be giving a keynote presentation entitled “Simple Makes Great” and it will cover 4 inspirations from his own career:

  • how he discovered the importance of setting goals, being initiative and disciplined to ensure his goals were reached,
  • How thinking big can have a dramatic effect on the results,
  • How MDRT helped him reach the Top, and
  • What drives him to believe what we do for our clients is honourable and good.

Through this speech, Tony wants his audience to understand that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary.