APLIC – 黎俊文 Lai Chun Man Victor  President of the Macau Insurance Agents and Brokers Association (2015-2016)

Lai Chun Man Victor is dedicated to promote public education in wealth management. Apart from being a financial columnist, he is often interviewed by TV, radio and other media to share the concept of wealth management. In 2016, Victor was invited by the Beijing TV Station to join the first insurance customized TV programme across the nation, named “Interview with Dr. Bao” with 21 cross-straits industry elites to share his views on the development of the insurance industry and the positioning of insurance practitioners. In recent years, he actively promotes his parent-child wealth management education system, called CASH across the regions.

Topic: Nurture A Happy and Wealthy Child (main)
The Perfect Combination of Parent-Child Wealth Management and Insurance (sub)
With the theme of parent-child education on wealth management, the lecture will be divided into 4 parts to explore the importance of learning wealth management by children, and to instill the concept of wealth management and insurance into their mindset:
1) Introduce the skills of education on child wealth management and arouse children’s interest in numbers through games;
2) How to cultivate the habit of delay of gratification;
3) Relationship between the amount and frequency of pocket money, to ensure the proper use of pocket money by children;
4) share the concept of shopping from aged 0, and the wealth management benchmark for children at different ages.