APLIC -周榮佳 Wave Chow Wing Kai  Senior District Director of an Insurance Company

Chow Wing Kai Wave started his insurance career in 1997 after graduation. His proactive and highly motivated personality allows him became a holder of CFPCM before 30 years old and obtained 14 professional qualifications and has become an award-winning financial planner and NLP Master Practitioner. Wave leads an outstanding team which achieved 100% MDRT qualifiers and included 38.7% TOT and COT. He has often been invited as a speaker at various major events and training seminars, both at home and abroad, and has delivered well over 400 speeches to more than 60,000 audiences in the past decade. Outside of work, Wave becomes a passionate columnist for various platforms, he also published his first book titled “The Secret Key to Achieve 100% MDRT Team” in 2018 and quickly became a bestseller.

Topic:Secret to Success of the 500 Million Young Directors
Chow Wing Kai Wave and Tsang Kai Hung Henry will host a joint workshop session titled “Secret to Success of the 500 Million Young Directors”. Both Henry and Wave are Senior District Directors, with a total of 600 team members and generated over HKD 500 million production. Although the speakers are from two different companies, they took the LUTCF programme together and have the same beliefs like pursuing professionalism, striving for service excellence and nurture talents.
Wave is excelled in uplifting the core competitiveness of his team. In 2016, his team achieved over 100% MDRT under his leadership. Wave believes systemic management is the key to building up and strengthen an agency team, so he is going to share with the audience about how to practise systematic management in detail. He will use his own experience to encourage the participants and hopes that the participants can become successful directors in a short period of time.